Fran Hayes



Fran Hayes is a multidisciplinary artist mainly working in the realms of 3D modelling and animating, sculpture and cooking:
Floating in the gap between the virtual and the real is something(s). What are they? How far do their tendrils reach?
Thinking through interspecies collaborations (species = human , nonhuman, machine) as the basis for building a radical, more equal future for all inhabitants and communities of our damaged planet.
Accepting aid from non-human beings to help build this speculative future.
My personal practice itself has different tendrils:
Making through 3D models to build u(dys)topian landscapes and scenes that allow process to form part of the final outcomes. the 3D landscape is an exciting matrix to explore and exist within; a space separate to the outside world but so inextricably linked - something especially relevant as we fall further into the current chaos of coronavirus where the gap between the virtual and the analogue is becoming increasingly blurred.
Collaboration is also essential to my practice as with, I believe, most successful (other)worldly ventures.
Tasty new processes have exploded into my practice, dripping with juicy collaborations that push me forward into new ways of thinking, making and being.

through collaboration it is possible to build, assemble, destroy, remaster, chop, and bake ideas and material together, creating additive spaces that overflow with ripe deliciousness.