response ro crab 133BPM topoi

oioiiiiiii some good beats going.
its cool that youre doing a performance did not expaect this realy after alll your internetty things. feel like youve really ome loose thi erm and that youre ac making stuff that is good for you (?) does that make sense. like you seem a lot more confident and able to respond to others.
anooying that th lights are up as cant really see the projection but i like the frame of the piece with your rug and music n that in front of you - building a barrier between you and the camera - are you trying to protect yourself?
i want to see what youre writing but its a bit dar away - is thi on purpose ? kinda feel like were doing the etherpad crit again as cant move around the screen to see the perfmance am stuck in my plaace.
why the vest ? do not see this as very you - are you showing us a mroe personal side or this a persona for the performance.
i like the beat - very kinda punky and mark fisher but also quite sad, get some very lonely and yeh queer vibes (think from the vest with your arms out and the slightly nervous bopping to the music??)
the screen is defo a barrier - a bit all blurred cant really see what youre drawing on the wall - v mysterious. why are you looking at your phone, strange that thats your centre of attention throughout the drawing when the viewer cant even see your face. are you scared of the camera ?
i want more wires and things !! the tech at the fron tis exciting and i like how ut morrors the lines youre drawing on the walls (good luck degree show next year having to clen them lol)
i thin you need more space - this wall is too restrictive, maybe use a room with a low cieling and all white floors n that so you are not constrained to such a small area. think more white board could be cool.