Fran Hayes


"An exhibition hosting a group of young creatives showing a variety of works that were made during lockdown 2020" Alice Crayson, Curator and Organiser.
artist statement Floating in the gap between the virtual and the real is something(s). What are they? How far do their tendrils reach?
Thinking through interspecies collaborations (species = human , nonhuman, machine) as the basis for building a radical, more equal future.
Accepting aid from non-human beings to help build this speculative future.
My personal practice itself has different tendrils:
Making through 3D models to build u(dys)topian landscapes and scenes that allow process to form part of the final out-comes.
Speculative, experimental pieces have oozed in with more concluded work allowing me space to reflect better upon the pieces i create.
The space of 3D modelling is an exciting platform for me to interrogate cyberspace. I have lots of questions about the non- space within my screen and beyond and what the human relation with it is.
I think of my laptop, when i am making my work, as a collaborator and I want to further my investigations into this space and what it means to collaborate with a machine. I am interested in the thought of accepting nonhumans as equals, if this balanced control could be the foundations for a more kind, less damaging future for our planet and all of its inhabitants.
I welcomed the Egg Men into my biosphere to help me interrogate and consider a fresh outlook on the spaces behind our screens. These creatures riding their eggs (objects of birth and life) are a means to consider (high)technologies as a potential way to form relationships with all non-human beings and to embrace new, kind and gentle ways of being in order to heal our planet.