fully formed recipes yumm i bloody love this project just the pure bonkerness of it but how somehow it still makes sense ?
ive loved seeing the project adapt from the twine game into the data mining and the skillset you have grown is super duper impresssive. its trivky that some of the stages of your recipe are a little complex to follow buti think thats just how this project goes and people will still pick it up !\i finally undersatnd (i think ) how the words get chosen because that was bamboooozling me, but the whole concept is just so fun !
ive been thinking about the words you could choose and would it be possible to make a whole sausage out of just one word ? and apply it in different ways to the different food catagories? i just really wanna see what a brexit sausage tastes like lolllll. maybe you could use a word poool with all associated words ? are the foods in the table the only ones available to use (sorry the process is still confusing me a lil) or can you add different foods by using them as the twitter words. i know im chatting shit lol.
i love how youve made spreadsheets look sexy, and the new ways of presenting the work in the studio. think its important to continue making and not get sucked into laptop madness bubble ! maybe you could use the twitter aspect as a visual thing ? bring in logos or something although is a bit commerciallyyyyy - could be a statement ! interesting how you talk about killing the sausage. i dont think this is the case but it is true that in disection the sausage is no longer a sausage but only the part of the sausage. what would happen if you made a sausage but not in the classic sausage shape… is it still a sausage ?
it could be cool to throw a sausage party (fest… lol) where you invite people to test your (game) and make and eat their own sausages. a girl i know at chelsea is doing a meal / tea party for her degree show and inviting people could be a cool thing to tryyyy..