Fran Hayes

fran hayes

the gap between cyberspace and reality is closing. consequently, the distance between humanity and reality is increasing. being stuck in this cyberworld while our natural world is literally burning and melting around us drives me to the point of insanity. recent research into the anthropocene / capitolocene / plasticene has pushed me to become more aware of our planet and people’s ignorance to her health. wanting to raise awareness while not exploiting the natural world through my art has been a tricky path to tread, but by entwining my thought process with research into technogenesis and transhumanism I hope that my concern for this is clear. my practice takes influence from research into cyberspace, the anthropocene, dystopian science-fiction novels (such as Neuromancer by William Gibson), and many other paths. it is pertinent that we exist within the realms of these ideas, and are aware of their possible implications on our society and the wider world. yet so many are blind to the looming downward spiral we will enter if we continue to ignore potential problems with the western addiction to screens and silicon chips. recent works have arisen from concerns about the natural world, but also from feeling unsettled with the studio culture within my university. alongside this, the anxiety of the current political climate and wobbles about the point of anything have brought about bizarre mismashed animations such as avatars of myself as a spider crawling around a digital space with red wine spilling. further collaborations fuelled by worries of insanity have birthed large soft sculpture eggs with digital scenes of televised eggs repeated in wallpaper behind. short texts have accompanied these different ventures and writing is something i am keen to open myself up to more. eggs have appeared over and over in recent pieces. i have always worked a lot off intuition and i feel that eggs are something that need to be brought into my current work. their links with the femme are important to me, yet eggs also have a lot of political symbolism both now and throughout history. having spoken to past egg-obsessed students, the way we view eggs as infinite objects for consumption, using the power of technology to mould them, dissect and replicate them again subconsciously ties in with themes previously stated about technology and its symbiosis with humans. looking into post-humanism and post-internet it seems appropriate that this egg imagery is emerging in my work, even if the link is at first not obviously direct. thinking informed from our recent seminar series and involvement in the climate crisis has prompted me to research more into artists such as Donna Haraway. her theories about the anthropocene and humans coevolution with technology but NOT with non-humans has lead to my most recent project as part of a collaborative group exhibition. wanting to explore possible futures, both utopian and dystopian, we created an immersive environment with a combination of different technological elements, meant to raise awareness in the audience of potential climate and societal breakdown.